The Studholm Papers

Rev. William O. Raymond, LL.D., F.R.S.C., in The River St. John, ed. Dr. J.C. Webster, C.M.G., (1910; Sackville, N.B.: The Tribune Press, rpt. 1943), tells us that "late in the autumn (of 1778) an American sloop carrying eight guns entered the harbour. Her Captain, A. Greene(sic) Crabtree, proved the most unwelcome and rapacious visitor that had yet appeared. Many of the settlers fled to the woods to escape the vandalism of his crew. From the store at Portland Point 21 boat loads of goods was taken. The plunder included a lot of silver ornaments, fuzees and other articles left by the Indians as pledges for their debts."

My kid brother Allen F. Crabtree has a great deal of additional information on Agreen that can be seen by visiting his web site.

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