Summary of Letters and Notes

Here are a few of the letters and notes that I have gathered during my genealogical research. I hope to add more as I get better organized.

  1. Notes that Sophia Barry made in 1895. She wrote them to Mrs. Mary Hannah Bennett.
    I received the above note from Leslie Daley of 501 Westview Dr #306 in Hastings MN 55033 in March of 1993. Leslie, in turn, had received it in December of 1954 from Olive H. Dealy, widow of General John Anderson Dealy. Leslie told me that the references to James and Richard were added by him to the original in an attempt to make the note more meaningful to him. Leslie Daley died on August 23, 1995.

  2. Another copy of Sophia Barry's notes.
    I obtained the above note from Jim Dealy of 110 Ferncliff Circle of Daphne, AL 36526 in September of 1993. Jim got it from his father's records (William A. Dealy II) which showed that the letter came from Edith Septima Daly. (General Dealy's sister). It may have come to William Dealy by way of Evelyn Board (General Dealy's daughter) who was in correspondence with William.

  3. Some notes that Edith Septima Dealy wrote to Jim Dealy's father.
    I obtained the above from Jim Dealy of 110 Ferncliff Circle of Daphne AL 36526 in September 1993. Jim got it from his father's records (William A. Dealy II). Jim's comments are in italics.

  4. A letter that Bowes Daly wrote from Dunsandle Estate, Tanganyika to Leslie Daley on October 27, 1950.

  5. A letter that James Hardiman wrote to James Daly of Dunsandle on November 1, 1820.

  6. The obituary of General Dealy from the London Times of August 2, 1935.

  7. A short article that Vivian Wright wrote regarding her search for ancestors. She wrote this in June of 1992, a couple of years before she died.

  8. A letter from William Dealy of Bantry co Cork Ireland to his nephew Michael of Saint Johns NB dated September 17, 1840.

  9. A letter that General Dealy's widow Olive wrote to Leslie Daley on December 13, 1954.

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