I am going to attempt to summarize the DALY data that I have accumulated with a view to letting every interested party have as much information as I have. It is my hope that with the distribution of this data that at least one of us might be able to make sense out of it and tie up all of the loose ends. I consider it to be on a par with Einstein's Unified Field Theory!

I am going to work from both the top down and also from the bottom up. A big prize is available to the first one who can connect the two!


I am going to start with James Daly of Carrownekelly (He later built (in 1744) and lived at Dunsandle House in Co Galway). The specific James Daly that I am referring to died in 1769 and had two wives. His first wife was Bridget Birmingham daughter of the 22nd Lord Athenry. She died without issue. He second married (on June 14, 1744) Catherine the daughter of Sir Ralph Gore who later became the Earl of Rosse. He (James) appears on PEDIGREE NO. II facing page 158 of E. E. O'Daly's book "History of the O'Dalys" published in 1937. James is also mentioned in a letter that Bowes Daly of Dunsandle Estate in Tanganyika wrote to Leslie Daley on October 27, 1950. [Bowes Daly's full name was Denis Bowes Daly born on January 8, 1900 and Leslie Daley was born on October 18, 1912 and died on August 23, 1995] Note also that the PEDIGREE NO II indicates that "James confirmed to the Protestant religion in 1729". Bowes Daly also talks about religion in his 1950 letter. He says "My grandfather & my family all being Protestant" [Bowes' Grandfather was the James Daly who married Maria Elizabeth Smyth.]

James was the son of Denis Daly of Grayford (died 1729) and Elinor French. James and Catherine had six sons and two daughters:

James's eldest son was Rt. Hon Denis Bowes Daly (1747-1791) see page 179 of E. E. 'Daly's book for an extensive biography. I believe that this is the "Dennis Dealy" who William Austin Dealy II had as married to a Miss Justin and having 13 children. [See chart NO 1 "THE DEALYS" compiled and decorated by William Austin Dealy II December 8, 1937]. However as you can see by reading E. E. O'Daly's book, Denis married Henrietta Maxwell not a Miss Justin. Denis's biography is also verified by Bowes Daly's letter mentioned above.

James's 2nd son was the Reverend Ralph Daly (bc 1749) who married a Miss Killkelly.

James's 3rd son was Lt. Col. Peter Daly (bc 1753) who married Amelia Barber.

James's 4th son was James Daly (bc 1755) WHICH SEE

James's 5th son was Richard Daly (bc1757-d August 7, 1793) WHICH SEE

James's 6th son was the Rt. Hon St. George Daly (c 1751-d1829) who married Louise Gore the sister of Sir Ralph Gore.

James also had two daughters Elizabeth Daly who married Peter Daly of Linsmore and Ellen Daly.

The two youngest sons, James and Richard, as well as both daughters Elizabeth and Ellen "attended Whyte's Classical Academy, Dublin, a private school, begun in 1755 and taught by nine clergymen, with Samuel Whyte as Principal". It would be interesting to know if there are any records available of this school.

I will now switch to James's 5th son Richard Daly. According to information supplied to me by Leslie Daley, Richard Daly was born and died in Dunsandle co Galway. Born c1757 he died August 7, 1793 two years after he became Mayor of Galway. (ref. Betham's will abstracts for Richard Daly of Dunsandle, Executor: St George Daly, brother)

Richard Daly married (c1778) Sarah Young, descended from Sir Peter Young of Auldbar, They had four? children all born at Dunsandle House Co Galway:

1. Sarah Jane Daly (bc1780) married John Coghlan

2. James Daly (bc1782) married Anne Connell. They had one son, Richard, and four daughters.

3. William Young Daly (bc1784). After his father died (when he was only nine years old) he went to live with his Uncle James at Dunnamark Co Cork and changed his name to Dealy as had his Uncle before him. The reason given was to avoid confusion with Roman Catholic Daly's living nearby. After William Young Daly/Dealy married (c1814) Margaret Coughlan they moved a short distance away from Dunnamark to Carrigboy Co Cork

4. Leslie is basing a fourth child of Richard on Sophia Barry's "Notes on the Dealy Family" where she says "They were four". Refer to two different variations of Sophia's Notes. He originally had Catherine as the fourth child but since hearing of my search for John Daly's ancestors now feels that it might be our John!

I will now discuss James Daly (bc1755). I feel he is the one that married Miss Justice/Justin of Kanturk Co Cork and had 13 children. A letter written December 13, 1954 by Olive H. Dealy, General Dealy's widow, says "My husband said his family (originally Daly) came from Galway and were, I believe, some distant connection of the Dusandle family". General Dealy's obituary in the London Times on August. 2, 1935 also says "He was the second son of the late John Richard Dealy, of the Dunsandle branch of the Daly family in Galway, and latterly of Bantry and Blackheath. Since James Daly (d1769) was the FIRST Dunsandle Daly , General Dealy, had to have been descended from him and James Daly/Dealy (bc 1755) is the ONLY Male Descendent of James Daly who's wife is unknown!!

Of "James" and Miss Justice/Justin 13 children much is known of some of them and nothing at all about others.

1. Michael Dealy I (bc 1779) married Jane Kingston and a great deal is known of their descendants all the way down to James Paul Dealy born December 18, 1916. Also in this line is George T. Dealy who wrote a Memo book regarding his ancestors.

2. Lt. William Justin Dealy (bc1787-d1864) was a distinguished Naval Officer and after his Naval Service owned two Brigs (DEALY & KINGSTON) engaged in service between Bantry Bay Co Cork and Canada. He was the grandfather of General John Anderson Dealy.

3. Mary Ann Dealy (bc1791) married Noble Barry and had a daughter Sophia who wrote "Notes on the Dealy Family" in 1895.

Other names mentioned as children of "James" and Miss Justice/Justin were Samuel Dealy and George Dealy.

John Daly, our ancestor, was born c1783 and would fit perfectly into this family.


Why I think that John Daly bc1783 was a son of "James" and Miss Justice/Justin:

1. His son Stephen Justice Daly was Grand Chaplain of the Orange Lodge of Saint John New Brunswick in 1846 so it is logical for his father John to be a Protestant also. This fits in with what we know of the "James" Daly/Dealy of Dunnamark who was also Protestant.

2. His son Stephen's middle name was possibly Justice. Obviously a family name. The memo book of George T. Dealy refers to Justice (NOT JUSTIN!) as a family name in his family tree and the copy of Sophie Barry's "Notes on the Dealy Family" that I received from Leslie Daley says her grandfather married a Miss Justice. In rebuttal the same "Notes on the Dealy Family" that I received from Jim Dealy refers to Miss Justin AND Lt. William Dealy's middle name is always shown as Justin. (I am not absolutely positive of our Stephen's middle name). Since I don't have the original of Sophia Barry's Notes I don't know whether she wrote Justice or Justin HOWEVER Leslie Daley would have had no reason to say Justice in his copy but William Austin Dealy III would have had an obvious reason to read Justin since he was aware of Lt. William Justin Dealy and Leslie was not!

3. His son, Stephen, was born (1810) in Dunmanway Co Cork not far from Dunnamark. Stephen was married August 14, 1833 to Mary Jago in Bandon Co Cork.

4. John's oldest son was John Daly Jr. and his other sons were William and James (in addition to Stephen). These are all family names that fit in with the "James" Daly/Dealy family. John Jr. was obviously named after his father; William could have been named after his Uncle William Justin Dealy; and James would have been named after his Grandfather. (Perhaps the names John and Stephen came from the Justice side of the family. I do not find them anywhere as Daly family names)

5. George T. Dealy's Memo Book refers to a Stephen and John Dealy which fits in with the preceding paragraph. If allowance is made for a "gender" slip in his book (of which he made several) than he positively puts Stephen and John Jr. as "James" Daly/Dealy's grandchildren.

6. Buried in the same Lot 2838 Church of England Cemetery in Saint John NB as Stephen J. Daley (sic) 48 yrs d April 8, 1854 is John Dealy (sic) 45 years d January 23, 1866. This "ties" the Daly and Dealy names together!


Reasons to believe that Lt. William Justin Dealy's parents were a Denis Dealy and Miss Justin.

1. His middle name is Justin. (Maybe not - this bears checking further)

2. This is what Chart NO 1 "THE DEALYS" compiled and decorated by William Austin Dealy II December 8, 1937 shows.

3. Original of note sent from Edith Septima Dealy (including signature) (sent c1935 to William Austin Dealy II) in which she implies that her great grandfather is a "Denis Dealy"

4. Copy of letter from Sophia Barry to Mrs. Mary Hannah Bennett 1895 (sent c1935 to William Austin Dealy II) in which she refers to her grandfather marrying Miss Justin from Kanturk

Reasons to believe that Lt. William Justin Dealy's parents were James Daly (bc1755) and Miss Justice.

1. Since Lt. William Justin Dealy's oldest brother Michael Dealy I was born in about 1779 their father would have to be born about 1755. The only Dunsandle Daly descendent that fits this time frame who's wife is not definitely known is James (bc1755).

2. Copy of same letter referred in #4 above (sent December 14, 1954 by Olive H. Dealy, General Dealy's widow, to Leslie Daley) in which Sophia refers to her grandfather marrying Miss Justice from Kanturk. I might add that the copy of this note that I received from Leslie had been "edited" by him to add the names James and Richard however Leslie would have had no reason to change Justin to Justice and he is certain that that is what the original said.

3. The same letter referenced above also says "They were descended from Denis Daly of Dunsandle". This would have to be Denis Daly (bc1641-Mar 11, 1720) or his son Denis Daly of Grayford who died in 1729. Of these two Denis Daly's descendants only James Daly (bc1755) is "available" to marry either a Miss Justin or a Miss Justice.

4. The original of George T. Dealy's Memo book clearly states that names on his father's side were Kingston, DeBird, and Justice.

5. Original of letter sent December 14, 1954 from Olive H. Dealy, General Dealy's widow, to Leslie Daley which says "My husband said his family, originally Daly, came from Galway and were, I believe, some distant connection of the Dunsandle family". The first Baron Dunsandle was the James Daly (April 7,1782 - Aug 7, 1847) but, since Lt. William Justin Dealy's father would have been born about 1755, this can not be the connection referred to. It would have to be an earlier Dunsandle Daly. Baron James Daly's Uncle James Daly (bc1700 d 1769) would fit in here and only James (bc1755) is the descendent "free" to marry the lass from Kanturk.

6. Stephen Justice Daly (1810 March 8, 1854), son of John, has middle name of Justice.

Reason to believe that William Justin Dealy's father was not James: Sophia Barry Notes on Dealy family implied that her grandfather had three brothers ("there were four of them"). James Daly had five brothers.

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