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Portland, Maine
Sunday April 6, 1890
Memo taken from mother [Isabella McCausland bc1800]

Mother [Isabella McCausland] was born in the parish of Copa co Tyrone within one mile of the town of Omagh, Ireland. Her fathers name was John McCausland. He [I believe he meant She] had four brothers. Andrew the eldest was a farmer and a prominent man. Alexander was a Surgeon in the British Navy in the reign of George the 3rd. James, the second youngest, was not fitten (sic) for any profession but received a classical education. [He] was drowned on his way to Brazil, where he was going to [visit] his brother Alexander. Hamilton, the youngest, was a man of some property in Omagh. He died unmarried.

Andrew was married [and] Alexander was not but [he] had an illegitimate child which he was having sent out to Brazil in [the] care of his brother James. An accident happened and this child fell overboard. James jumped into the sea after him and they were both drowned. Alex had left the navy and practiced his profession in Brazil. He died there and it is reasonably supposed he left a great amount of money which none of his relatives have ever received any benefit from.

Andrew left a family: John, Landlord of Snashoe, married a Doublin (sic) Lady of fortune ,"Dorah Supple" (or Dupple), [they] had no family. Andrew, Landlord of the Grange, co Tyrone near Derry, married a Lady of fortune, Miss Pemberton, first wife. No family by her but had a family by second wife. William was a merchant in South America in the mahogany trade [and was] lost with his ship and cargo. [He was] supposed to have been taken by pirates. James was a Doctor and died unmarried. George was landlord of the Killybegs in Co Donegal [and] married the daughter of Major Hamilton [who was] distinguished by the name of "Bunker Hill" Hamilton as he was one of the officers leading the charge at Bunker Hill. Four of his sons were, at one time, officers in the East India Co.'s service. Afterwards [they?] settled in Newarks, Arkansas. They were mill owners. Names of George Austin's [I think this should be McCausland] four sons: John oldest son; James 2nd son; Andrew 3rd son; George 4th son; Maud [was the] only daughter.

Mother [Isabella McCausland] thinks that after he [don't know who is referred to here] left his property his family settled in Belfast.

Her [Isabella McCausland] mother's name was Margaret Austin. She [Margaret Austin] had four sisters two died unmarried. The oldest sister, Sarah, married Squire Livingston of Carrichice Co Derry. The other sister, Bessie, married James Clark Esq. proprietor of Port Hall Castle Co Donegal. She [also] had five brothers.

Short Notes

Sarah Livingston's daughter married Sir Samuel Martin [who] presided on Queens bench in England for 25 years. [He was] Knighted after they were married.

Names on Grandfather McCausland's side: Hamilton; Buchannan; Stewart; Sir D. McCausland; Nickerson; Foster; Sinclair; Knox; & Laushland.

On Grandmother McCausland's side: Donald, Robinson, Smith, & Hamilton.

Names on my [George T. Dealy] Father's side: Kingston; DeBird; & Justice.

Coat of Arms on Grandfather McCausland's side: Wild Boar and litter of young ones.

There was a Sir John McCausland elected twice to the Co Tyrone. Died without mail (sic) issue. [He] died on the Isle of Man.

Also a Sir Dominigue McCausland member of Parliament & a Sir Dominigue Nickerson.

1891 new memos

Names on [Grandmother struck out] Grandfather McCausland's side: His mothers name was Nickerson. Her mothers name [was] Foster.

Names on Grandmother McCausland's side: Her name was Austin. Her [mother's] name was Margaret Donald & his Smith. Other family names: Robinson & Hamilton.

Bishop Cugan, of the Isle of Man, was also a McCausland by his mothers side.

A Marquis McCausland, a navy officer, was murdered in India about 15 years ago. He was a descendant of [Grandma struck out] Grandfathers family.

Father Dealy (Michael Jr.) mother's [maiden] name was Kingston. [Jane Kingston] Father's birthplace was Drumkill (sp)[Dromkeal] in Bantry co Cork. His father (Michael Sr.) was [a] magistrate and carried on an extensive fishing business. Father's sister, who remained with Grandmother Dealy, was Aresin. She was married twice. She had two sons in the Navy. She was educated in Cork. Father's mother's name was Kingston and her mother's [name was] Aresin Debird, a French lady. Lieutenant Dealy was Grandfather Dealy's brother. He was a ship owner doing business in Bantry Bay & then in Liverpool. John R. [John Richard, General Dealy's father] Dealy was his son.

Father (Michael Jr.) came to St John in her [believe his] interest.[I believe he is referring to Lt. Dealy]

Grandfather (Michael Sr.) Dealy had a brother George that came to America. There were several more brothers also sisters [a total of 13!]. A Mrs. Barry [Mary Ann Dealy] & Mrs. Autrage, Sarah Willis' mother and father's mother were sisters. Stephen & John Dealy's mother [I believe this should be father] was Grandfather Dealy's sister [I believe this should be brother]

Grandmother [I believe this should be Grandfather] Dealy's sisters: One was a Mrs. Arvy, one a Mrs. Vickery, and one a Mrs. Thomion. Sophia Barry's mother [Mary Ann Dealy] also [was] Michael Sr. & William Justin Dealy's sister.

Note: When George T. Dealy died, this little black book was passed on to his grandson George K, who cherished it highly. When George K. Dealy died it passed on to his mother, Anna K. Aspdin, who now guards its safety. W.A.D. copied Dec 10-37 Nash, Tenn

Note by Emery Cambridge Daly February 26, 1998: My comments are in [ ] brackets.Updated February 3, 1999

I am quite sure that the John and Stephen Dealy referred to here are John Daly jr. and Stephen Justice Daly. Their father was John Daly b c1783 and Stephen Justice Daly was born 1810 in Dunmanway Co Cork Ireland

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